Brands need to have authentic and reliable meanings. Experiences alone are not sufficient. It is our driving force to create a meaningful experience along the consumer journey.



We create the concept of your campaign, based on what your customers need.


Together with you and all the partners, we plan all steps to launch your campaign.


We provide your toolkit with all the necessary assets for a successful campaign.



We transform your website into an immersive, interactive platform that encapsulates your brand.


We create and implement your newsletter concept based on your brand story.

Social Media

We promote your community and find ways to fully involve them in your brand experience.



No matter where your brand appears - in the streets, magazines, or mass media - we ensure its impact.


We transform your story into a tactile experience, accompanying you from conception to print.


We create corporate essentials to help your business get up and running. Don't worry - even your invoices will be on point.



We analyze your product portfolio, identify its key benefits, and help structure it for future growth.


We refine the design language of your products to create a seamless link between brand and product experience.


We actively shape your customer's product experience, starting with one of the most vital touchpoints.



.We enhance your presence with thoughtful retail design, from window displays to in-store setups.

Trade Show

We create your big stage, where products transform into immersive experiences and people engage with your culture.


We create an unforgettable brand experience with our immersive exhibition design services.


Point of Sale

We enhance customer engagement through innovative design and marketing solutions, in-store and beyond.


We elevate your event with integrated event communication and a comprehensive on-site product experience.


So, you're sponsoring this or that? Great! But don't stop there. Allow us to create a holistic experience for you.

How to fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee?

How can you ensure a campaign is successful?
As for an athlete, success depends on various factors. Some that we can steer, others we can’t. However, we usually win more games than we lose. Our campaign creatives enable your brand to engage with the audience at the right time and on the appropriate channels. We outline the strategy, creative concept, and channel ecosystem to deliver holistic and effective messaging.
So, you do everything by yourself?
We offer a full-service offering, with a clear focus on Strategy, Identity and Experience. In all other fields, we provide services based on the brand's specific needs. With hundreds of successful projects, we know what we can do and what we can’t. If necessary, we make proposals for suitable partners. We take pride in the quality of these partnerships and communicate them transparently. Just ask us.
How do you ensure the quality of your experiences?
Through rigorous testing and feedback loops. We also maintain a high standard of design consistency and always keep the brand and target audience in mind.

Experience needs content

Creative storytelling and engaging content are essential for brand success. Our skilled professionals in content production are dedicated to bringing your brand to life in an extraordinary way, ensuring it captivates your audience and establishes you as a leader.

Inspire change.

Pascher+Heinz GmbH
Joseph-Wild-Straße 13
81829 Munich, Germany

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