Brand Strategy

During a design workshop in Munich, the foundation of Würth MODYF’s future strategy as a design driven brand was built.

Brand Design

Würth, the world market leader in bolts and screws from Germany, and Pascher+Heinz believe in one proven attribute: Quality. The Würth MODYF work wear is indestructible, comfortable, warm – in short: technically perfect. Pascher+Heinz created a brand design with a strong signal effect.




X-FINITY is the iconic sign of Würth MODYF. It connects the W of Würth and the M of MODYF in a symbol of infinity. Additionally, this ligature forms a hidden X.

The W represents all core values of the Würth family business.


Since its beginning 17 years ago, MODYF has been standing for honest & pure workwear.


The X is a mystic letter – strong through and through. It connects Würth and MODYF to an infinite, inseparable bond.

Brand Design Manual

Pascher+Heinz created the Würth MODYF Design Manual to determine clear and definite principles for the brand, products and communication material. All with one clear goal: to produce outstanding masterpieces.


Visual Identity

A masterpiece is created when a master craftsman understands his trade. This creative process is poured into a visual identity with a passionate attention to detail. Maker, creator, innovator, lookbook or close-ups: all visuals speak one language: quality.


Every field has its leaders. The best of the best. They build our world.


The creators combine an artistic touch with craftsmanship. They make the world better.


The innovators are most demanding. They deserve the best. They are stars. The experts.

Brand Essence

The goal of leading craftsmen is the creation of true masterpieces – pieces of work to be proud of.


Feeding hundreds of products effectively from the corporate database directly to the brand workbook. The aim: continue to increase efficiency and quality. A true masterpiece. A clever layout system allows all eventualities to be captured in simple design, leaving space for true stories to grow.



As part of the repositioning and development of the Visual Identity, Pascher+Heinz developed a holistic content strategy. This includes an entirely redefined product imagery, new studio images, new action photos for the “maker, creator, and innovator“ storytelling, new product films, and a new image movie. 

Visual Product Language

The brand design was newly developed and integrated into the visual product language. This ensures a consistent product line, which internalizes the new brand design from the start.


Photo and Film Production: KME Studios
Workshop Photography: Johannes Maur