Brand Strategy

Pascher+Heinz has a long-standing partnership with the leading brand for alpine endurance athletes, Dynafit. Our assignment covers the complete supervision of the brand’s concepts and designs and has previously included the brand relaunch, the introduction of the brand’s summer segment, and the holistic Mountopia brand campaign. 

Brand Book

Pascher+Heinz conceives and implements the largest brand campaign in the history of Dynafit. This includes the complete revision of the brand design as well as summarization of the key points in a brand book.


Brand Design

Positioning Dynafit as an all-year alpine brand defined by the quest for each individual’s Mountopia, the brand design includes all facets of the alpine lifestyle, defining the brand as a whole rather than individual products or seasonal disciplines. 


The Snow Leopard

Snow leopards perfectly symbolize the values and characteristics Dynafit stands for. They move swiftly, elegantly and silently across the world’s highest mountains and embody the ideals of the mountaineer. They can leap up to 40 feet from a standing position. They have one of the best weight to performance ratios, incredible acceleration, high top speed, and amazing endurance. Their paws don’t slide or sink into snow. Whether it be in ten-feet deep powder, on steep slopes, or on high mountain peaks, snow leopards go where others can’t.


Visual Identity

For the first time in Dynafit‘s history, Pascher+Heinz develops a holistic 360-degree brand campaign. Eight key visuals mark the beginning and pose a simple question: What’s your Mountopia?

What’s your Mountopia?

Asking the three questions: “Who are you? What’s your activity? What’s your Mountopia?“, Dynafit states unequivocally that it will follow you anywhere. 

Mountopia Summer

By introducing Mountopia as an all-year theme, Dynafit launches its new summer collection. Various alpine summer disciplines become part of the campaign.


“Mountopia“ stands for a dream, and the quest to make this dream become reality. For the first time in the brand’s history, the advertising moves away from a pure product focus and emphasizes the brand and the associated lifestyle, creating an almost timeless message. Throughout the campaign, the consecutive print ads each describe a new Mountopia of a Dynafit protagonist or a new aspect of a previously depicted Mountopia story.

The key message: A specific alpine lifestyle that naturally involves Dynafit as the provider of the perfect, suitable gear. And this lifestyle is not limited to winter. Summer stands for both an independent Mountopia and the season to prepare for the winter season.


ISPO 2016

With a total of eight new spot-on visuals, the new campaign is launched at ISPO MUNICH 2016.


Never change a running system – clear, functional design is the foundation for Dynafit’s success. The new layout builds upon this success and links information with alpine emotions.


Ski Design

For the past ten years, every Dynafit ski design has passed through Pascher+Heinz’s hands. Each ski represents an expedition highlight and celebrates the elegance of the most stunning wildcat: the snow leopard.


Action Photography: Michael Müller, KME
Workshop Photography: Alex Förderer
Trade Fair Photography: Pascher+Heinz
Film Production: Beech Studios