Brand Strategy

A brand workshop in Milan and an international focus group in Munich laid the foundation for a full strategic realignment of the brand, including brand new brand design and product language.

Brand Design

Briko becomes visible: The Protetto is Briko‘s new trademark and a sign for the power and invulnerability of the Scuderia.


The Protetto


Brand Design Manual

Development of new design principles to create a uniform product design for the individual product lines. 


Visual Identity

Briko burns as hot as Vulcan, the God of Fire. In a fiery photo and video production, Pascher+Heinz merges product language and imagery into a coherent visual tonality.

Brand Essence

Briko is not a company. Briko is a passionate Scuderia. Driven by outstanding personalities. Developing speed-proven iconic products for free fighters demanding cutting-edge performance.

Brand Book

On more than 120 pages, the Briko Brand Book offers insights into the life of the Scuderia and its free fighters: Fire and ice. Immortal legends and shining stars.


Cutting-edge performance – not only in terms of products, but also on the web. The latest digital appearance sets new visual standards and transports Briko‘s brand message around the world.



Film and photo production based on the new visual identity, including a multi-day production on the volcano island of Sicily to complete the image movie and several “volcanic” key visuals for select products.

Road to Hell

The “young guns“ are rocking Etna. They head towards the lava fields, all by themselves, at 40 degrees Celsius, and at full speed. Luckily, the equipment is made to cope with such a wild ride.

Iconic Products

A visual review of over 30 years of product history: raw, honest, authentic – just like the Olympic and World Champions who used to wear them.

Dirt Powder

Marco Tomasello focuses on a line through the lava rocks that seems close to impossible to be skied. He‘s ready for a truly volcanic adventure – captured in epic images.

Design Mindset

In Briko‘s design heritage, curved polygons play an essential role. Curved triangles and curved pentagons are used for general forms as well as for small details. Together they enhance the character of Briko’s Iconic Products.


Photography Action & Product: Alex Förderer
Photography Workshop: Johannes Maur
Photography Brand Book: Maximilian Mutzhas
Photography Vulcanos: Marc Szeglat
Awards: iF Award (brand design), Mediastars (website)